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Battery Booster Expert HD Plus


Battery Booster Expert HD Plus save precious space and help boost performance & speed! Features Trash Cleaner: Standard and Advanced trash cleaners. With Battery, every time and everywhere you will know if your battery is charged enough to play a game, a movie, or to browse the web. Most of the competing 4G conversion software require you to do hardware modifications using a soldering iron and sometimes an extra chip.
Fast and Accurate After you complete the first scan, it will only take 30 milliseconds to scan an App. More Features of This app Visualized Setting- Smart setting menu helps you set your android device easily in a way you like.
Highlights of :- One-Click clean system cache- It also keeps track of the phones storage space- Clean default browser history and search- Speed up your mobile games for better game experience- Clean full system cache- Clear all Dialed calls
Select tasks to kill Release memory and make phone faster?Optimize your device?View statistics of your phone Light weight, battery saving and easy to use, Android Speed Booster is the perfect app to optimize your phone speed. Please write an email if you have any problems, questions or feature requests. Even if you are stuck in work or jam and you need the extra life for your battery, this app will help.
Optimize will also provide a list of the apps that are a potential risk to your phone. Over 10,000,000 users are using Super Task Killer -Fast Booster. All Android models supported creating the perfect App, we need your help. This application will clear the cache of both the phone and the browser.
Key Features of :- Boost the speed of your phone by 60%, optimize games and apps performance- Battery Booster NEW UI NEW FUNCTION- Sweep out Apk leftover- Bluetooth control with Automatic Reconnect- Full Activity Log- Its FREE!* Some features require upgrading Plus or Ultimate
with 20+ features inside: remove junk, boost memory, speed-up game, reclaim space, manage auto-runs, monitor the temperature of CPU and Battery, detect similar photos and optimize the big photo.
Memory Optimizer aims at enhancing system speed by resolving memory issues. Let the software do the rest. About Lookout Labs This app Cleaner is a project of the Labs division of Lookout Mobile Security. Specify own network connection interval for Day / Night mode. No need to disconnect any connection to achieve the goal of saving battery power, use your Android device however you like. Logs of saving activities.
Battery Booster Expert HD Plus is really a performance boosting tool -- its more of a replacement launcher that typically loads and works quicker than the native Android launcher. Best Features (Free) Widget Quickly view power consumption stats, choose a power plan and clear apps from memory.
Main features of :- This app has no annoying popup Ads- Just give it a try and see how different it made- auto exit when you cleaned all cached files- 8 super tools combined into one app- Automatically backup newly installed apps- speed up your network- Battery can help you to save power
Android RAM Optimizer to speed up your devices as well as prevent battery drain!Smart Memory Booster reclaims lost memory for your programs by fragmenting your smartphones memory as well as stop apps that runs on background and drain your battery.
Multilingual support : up to 9 different languages supported. Clean app leftovers when an app is uninstalled. App performs memory boosting with cache clean. It works on phones/tabs. It comes with simple metro styled UI design for best user experience.
The Most Simple Optimizer: Speed Booster + Memory Cleaner wont confuse you like some other junk-clearing apps. This Ram booster app can increase speed , killing running tasks, Clear RAM, Clear Cache, and Clear garbage on your device with 1 Click !!
Optimized Widgets memory widget, CPU widget, battery widget, Internal / SD Card widget.